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Fruit Scoop™ Ice Cream Machine

Fruit Scoop™ Ice Cream Machine

Fruit Scoop™ Ice Cream Machine

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The Fruit Scoop™ Ice Cream Machine instantly transforms frozen fruit into delicious soft-serve ice cream. Now you can satisfy your sweet tooth without the unhealthy fats, dairy, sugars, and artificial flavorings of traditional desserts!


Healthy, Sugar-Free Desserts

  • Ice Cream Without the Dairy, Sugars, Preservatives, & Fat

  • Makes More than 50 Healthy Desserts

  • Super Easy and Fun to Use

  • All You need is Fruit
  • Easy to Clean


    Just 3 Easy Steps

    1 - Grab your frozen fruit of choice 

    2 - Insert frozen fruit into the top of Fruit Scoop™

    3 - With the touch of a button, your choice of ingredients are transformed into a smooth, creamy concoction that can be served immediately!


    More Than Just Ice Cream

    Included with your order is our award-winning recipe book with 50+ additional healthy recipes that will help you create a wide variety of delicious homemade desserts! 

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