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Foot Cleaner

Foot Cleaner

Foot Cleaner

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The days of bending over to ineffective clean your feet are over!

Chances are you struggle with the amount of smell and bacteria your feet spread after a long of wearing shoes.
Why is this so common? Feet have more sweat glands per inch of skin than any other part of the body. These glands produce sweat profusely. Not only with hot weather or during exercise but continuously and us wearing shoes all day only increases that amount of sweating. 

    Prevent bad odors & athlete's foot!

    • Over 1000 soft bristles to define cleaning.
    • Suction cups at the base work to grip any surface such as a bathtub or shower floor.
    • Made for all ages and perfect for the whole family
    • Massages, exfoliates, and eliminates dirt
    • The pumice stone smooths rough, cracked heels

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